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Welcome to the website of Carl Baker; TVR Alarm, Immobiliser and Audio Specialist

Previously trading as Car and Bike Installations, Carl Baker has more than 16 years experience specializing in TVR systems and solutions. Despite having recently relocated to South West France Carl continues to advise and support TVR owners with regard to their cars. Carl is also taking bookings for his regular trips back to the UK.

For vehicles between 1991 and 2000 Carl recommends a full update to the alarm and immobiliser. The benefits of this are a system built specifically for TVRís, which includes standardisation of the wiring harness which will facilitate a plug and play solution. This also includes an ignition key remote combination, with boot release, longer de-immobilisation entry time, and most often halts the dreaded Ďhot startí issue some cars develop; all with the added benefit of at least 30% increase in energy efficiency.

For cars built after the year 2000, Carl believes there is possible value in delaying a full update and will be please to recode your alarm and supply new key fobs, or replace your immobiliser. Send an email for Carl to call and discuss with you, your specific requirements. There is no generic solution but Carlís experience in this field will find the solution for your TVRís configuration. If you have lost or damaged one of your remote key fobs a replacement can be sent to you Ė all we need is the 16 digit and character code found typically on a red code card or in the owners manual.

For full update bookings contact Dan Taylor at
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Mobile: 0772 072 3407 (UK mobile rate)

Following renovations we look forward to welcoming you for a holiday, a weekend break, International TVR Rallyís or for the above services in the sun! - Bed and Breakfast accommodation between Bordeaux and Bergerac.

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